Your Dispute

There are many types of conflict in which mediation can be useful.

Types of Conflict We Mediate

Such as noise, property, animals, and lifestyle differences

Disputes over rent, leases, repairs or evictions

Such as co-worker disputes and supervisor/employee conflicts

Including business/neighbor and business/customer

Disagreements between residents over noise, living arrangements and parking.

Disputes such as those among living partners and/or between parents, dorm mates, and room mates.

School / Education
Disputes such as those among students and/or between parents, staff, and administration.

Neighborhood Association
Disputes such as HOA, neighborhood issues.

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Conflicts We Do Not Mediate

Conflict Resolution Center seeks to be a source for peaceful resolution of disputes among the community. While we do offer help on a variety of issues, there are some situations that are beyond our purview, for contractual or other reasons.

Similar to a mediation, but where both parties state their case for a neutral party to decide for them.

Domestic Violence and Abuse
Physical or other forms of abuse against significant others, children, or other family members.

Any situation involving a victim of a crime and the person who committed the crime.

Gang Activity
Any violent disputes between and/or involving loosely affiliated or organized groups.

Issues between separating or divorcing couples seeking alternatives to trial.

Custody & Guardianship
Disputes with the purpose of establishing custody or guardianship of children, elders, pets, etc.

Civil or Commercial Litigation
Disputes in which parties are seeking money/remuneration or other specific, legally-binding remedies.


“I didn’t expect a win-win outcome but the mediators helped my neighbor and me really talk for the first time.”- Participant
Thank you for facilitating our community meeting. We were worried about ensuring that everyone was comfortable voicing their concerns.- Neighborhood Association President
Wish I had known about mediation earlier it was a valuable session. I have respect for the people that volunteer their time.- Participant
You provided a safe place to talk without fear of reprisals.- Participant