Landlord-Tenant Mediation

Find resources to resolve conflicts between landlords and tenants.

Do you own or rent property?

Conflict Resolution Center provides a neutral environment for landlords, property managers and tenants to discuss any issues they have. Professionally trained mediators will help both address their concerns and work towards solutions. These issues may involve:

  • Noise
  • Rent payments
  • Security deposits
  • Maintenance
  • Damages
  • Others

Landlord-Tenant Mediation at CRC

CRC will make a timely effort to reach out to both parties to schedule a mediation. Once a date and time is agreed upon, all parties can meet to hash out their differences and work towards a peaceful solution. Our mediators are trained to be unbiased; they do not judge, give advice, or offer solutions. Their role is to assist in helping the parties resolve conflicts for themselves

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“I didn’t expect a win-win outcome but the mediators helped my neighbor and me really talk for the first time.”- Participant
Thank you for facilitating our community meeting. We were worried about ensuring that everyone was comfortable voicing their concerns.- Neighborhood Association President
Wish I had known about mediation earlier it was a valuable session. I have respect for the people that volunteer their time.- Participant
You provided a safe place to talk without fear of reprisals.- Participant