We help to resolve conflicts with trained mediators in a safe, private space where people can listen to and be heard by each other.

What is Mediation?

Mediation helps people reach agreements, rebuild relationships, and find permanent solutions to their disputes. Mediation is a process that lets people speak for themselves and make their own decisions.

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Our Mission

To provide professional dispute resolution services that are accessible to all. To be a leader in promoting peaceful, lasting and effective solutions to conflict in Saint Louis and the surrounding area.

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Our Approach to Mediation

  • Provides an opportunity for people to understand each other and transform their relationship.
  • Ensures that participants make their own decisions about the outcome of their conflict.
  • Assists people to develop long-term solutions that meet the needs of everyone involved.
  • Occurs at times convenient to the participants, in a safe and private place. 
  • Is facilitated by highly trained volunteer mediators who represent the diversity of St. Louis.
How Mediation Works

About CRC – St. Louis City

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The CRC offers safe, private meetings led by neutral facilitators who help individuals or groups in conflict have dialogue on the situations they face. For example, we have worked with neighbors in conflict over noise or upkeep of property, with supervisors and employees’ disputes in the workplace, and we have provided mediation for neighborhood groups in conflict over such issues as proposed new construction, changes in zoning, or reactions to crime.

Perhaps our most successful facilitation efforts were the group meetings our volunteers supported in Ferguson and St. Louis following the death of Michael Brown. Our efforts beginning in late 2014 [and continuing today] were significant enough that the Department of Justice included community mediation in the Ferguson Consent Decree. We continue to assist in efforts to support constructive and potentially healing dialogue between citizens and the police.


“I didn’t expect a win-win outcome but the mediators helped my neighbor and me really talk for the first time.”- Participant
Thank you for facilitating our community meeting. We were worried about ensuring that everyone was comfortable voicing their concerns.- Neighborhood Association President
Wish I had known about mediation earlier it was a valuable session. I have respect for the people that volunteer their time.- Participant
You provided a safe place to talk without fear of reprisals.- Participant